Best B2B
sales app

Instantly convert your B2B business into an epic mobile app, no coding required.

Create an elevated (mobile) shopping experience.

We all use B2C apps at home.
Why not tab into that feeling when ordering B2B?

Push messages

Higher opening rate than emails

Reads their push notifications

Push notifications allow you to “connect” directly with the customer. With push notifications, you can target your message to individual countries and languages.


Products can be presented in a quick and convincing way

Thumbnails on category lists and large imgaes on categories makes it easy for the user to navigate your products.

You can create multiple levels of categories and subcategories.

Product pages

Show products and information

Our product pages includes both net prices and RRP.

Net prices can be hidden if you show your customer.

Show multiple product images and videos.

Barcode scanning

Scan for the fastet reordering

Use your phones camera to scan barcodes, and add products to the cart quickly.

Fastest checkout

Make ordering easy with fast checkouts

We have adapted the fast checkouts known from B2C stores to ensure you get the orders.

Your customres will love to multiple delivery addresses selection and a one click send.

Get it your way

The app can be customised to fit your design

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