nVision Mobile

B2B order taking app

Your sales reps can easily create orders snd access your digital catalogs, order history and inventory on the go with the sales order app from nSales. The ultimate sales solution for sales reps.

Sell products separately or in pre-packs and acknowledge the order electronically.

B2B sales have never been easier!

nVision Mobile sales order app is as created for the interior and fashion industry.
With support for styles, assortments as well as sizes and colors.​

Customer visits has never been easier. You can sell directly from your catalogue, select products from a list or simply scan a barcode.
That is sales optimization!

With online/offline functionalities, you get the best of both worlds.
Offline gives you peace of mind - you can always place an order.

We support file formats such as XLS, CSV, XML, and integrate with partners like Microsoft and QuickBooks.

Editing the information is easy. You can also import and export customers, products as well as orders.

More than 2500 happy customers around the world


Showcase your products in a quick and convincing way

Details about the products, such as stock, prices and images are always updated and new products can be added regularly.

Products can be grouped according to e.g. color, size or model.

Bodum takes up thousands of sale orders by streamlining the sales process and optimizing their data flow.


The complete overview of your customers

Each customer has a complete visit and order history. This way you can easily prepare for your next sales meeting.

Photos of exhibitions or defective products can be easily shared with your colleagues.

Sell more today

Interactive catalogs & lookbooks

Take the order

B2B sales have never been easier!

Quickly create orders and add products by browsing the product list, using PDF catalogs or scanning barcodes.​

Orders can be signed directly on the screen and emailed the customer instantly.

Orders can be duplicated for multiple customers, giving you a fast way to make multiple orders in seconds.

Products can be displayed in full screen while you are creating them, maximizing your ordering process.

Order totals are updated continuously, and you can set both the delivery and order date.

Makes selling easier - Add a barcode scanner. nVision Mobile is compatible with Socket scanners.


Work with multiple accounts on your iPad.

If you work for multiple manufacturers or as part of a rep group, you need to be able to create orders for multiple accounts.

Multiple accounts

You can create multiple accounts, each with its own set of customers, products, and orders. Switching between accounts is easy.

Filter by manufacturer

If you prefer one account, you can filter the list of products by manufacturer. This gives you the opportunity to combine products from several manufacturers in one order.

Go Show It

Increase sales at your trade shows

You can easily turn your PDF catalogs into an interactive sales tool.

As you scroll through the catalog, simply tap on the products to add them to the order.

Let customers pay with various debit or credit cards when the order is received.

At the trade shows I have a maximum of 10 minutes with each customer. I can add SKUs faster with the barcode scanner.

Get payment today

Process credit cards from our app.

We work with Stripe to ensure you can collect payment when the order is received.

A Stripe Terminal allows you to make personal checkouts and accept payments in the physical world.

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