Bisca testimonial: Genial løsning

A brilliant solution for a more transparent sale

Our reps used to create orders on paper.
Today they input their orders directly on the iPad, and it goes without saying that it is a far more efficient way to do it.

The software from nSales has drastically reduced errors as we can correct them before shipping out the goods. That was an option we did not previously have, which is a gain to us.

Today we can analyze an order and track our Sales Reps in the field. They used to just take off in the morning and arrive back at the end of the day. Their workday is much more transparent to us now, and therefore we can optimize the workflow much better, and face the competition head on.

In fact our business have become much more transparent, and the optimized workflow means that our Sales Reps can do many more sales visits per day.

The tools from nSales are easy to implement and the app is very easy to work with for the Sales Reps. We have only received positive feedback from the users.

I would not hesitate to recommend nSales to other companies who are looking to get a more transparent sales process.

Tomas Rasmussen
Business Process Manager

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