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How the whole world's little feet get nice shoes to walk in

Children's shoes move online and boost sales

In the old days, you brought the shoe to the supplier when new collections were to be shown. When ordering, you took out paper and made an order form. This form then had to be decoded back in the office.
We have chosen nSales, among other things, because the entire collection can be presented as beautiful images that can be presented to our customers. It can be seen online as a Lookbook feature, with active links leading directly to the ordering module.

In terms of process, this is going to make a huge difference for us. This will mean that we will be more geared to increase revenue because we will save time and effort. Firstly, it gives a really nice visual presentation of our products, but for our agents and sales reps, nVision Mobile means that they get a much better overview of their own sales areas as well as knowledge about their customers. Both in relation to those they are to visit and with the frequency at which they visit the different customers.

Back at the office, the employees at bisgaard shoes also benefit from the easier communication, as they can follow the individual agent and sales reps without having to be in direct contact. At the same time they get a visual overview of all sales and processes in order to better target their efforts.

The advantage for us in choosing nSales’ solution is that we can better organize the material for our agents and sales reps around the world.
For example, if we want to focus on 30 styles on the German market, it is simply published via the platform to the German agents and sales reps. Whereas the collection might have to look a little different for the Nordic or southern market. We can make sales much more targeted this way. Says Per, who is currently in the test phase with nSales eCommerce webshop, after all data has been synchronized and ready for use.

“The next step will be to invite sales reps from all countries for a presentation of nSales and demo of the many cool features.” concludes Per.

About bisgaard shoes

It’s very few parents who do not know bisgaard shoes. The beautiful leather design has gained almost iconic status through the 15 years bisgaard has been on the market.
Today, bisgaard supplies shoes to more than twenty countries worldwide and has a large amount of happy customers. The collection is changed twice a year. Spring / summer and autumn / winter. On the shelf you will always find the “Never Out Of Stock” collection, which consists of delicious rubber boots, slippers and the regular in-demand models.
Bisgaard children’s shoes – and boots for girls and boys
If you look a little closer at a bisgaard shoes, you will learn that the great success is not only due to a great design in natural materials. It is the thorough craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality that makes the big difference.


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