Brand Academy

Brand Academy by nSales

Motivate and engage your retailers

Meet Your New Brand Ambassadors

From sales planning to customer engagement, the Brand Academy app will change the way you communicate with your customers.

Brand Academy is a new app that makes it easier to engage and motivate your retailers and their sales assistants through e-learning, competitions, newsletters, etc.
Sales assistants can easily get to know your products through product videos and how-to’s.

Build your app in minutes

Simply start by creating your own content to the app

Good content could be:

  • Product tutorials, including product videoes
  • Announcing new campaigns and collections
  • E-learning & How-to’s
  • Sales guides and Visual Merchandise Guides

Connect all your Social Media

Get the attention your brand deserves and leverage the advantages of your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

The Brand Academy app combines your “Retailer only” posts, rewards and e-learning with your Social Media.

By connecting your social media streams with Brand Academy, you can maximize the attention you will get from your retailers and their sales assistants.
The sales assistants can pick up retailer information, as well as engage in your brands SoMe pages.

This way you can maximize attention from your retailers and get more likes and shares.

Finally, you will have it all in one place!

Invite your customers

Simply sign up your retailers and their sales assistants by sending them a text or an email.

Your retailers can be divided into different categories with “flags”.
This way you can target your messages to individual chain stores.

With the integrated webstore, the sales assistant can collect prizes and products.

You can easily manage the products on display and set the “price level”.
The sales assistant can enter a shipping address for the prize.

Increase your revenue

Watch how your retailers starts to
  • Engage in your social media posts
  • Upsells to their customers
  • Read your newsfeed

And finally starts to collect and spend loyalty points in your Brand Store.

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