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For decades, selling interior and design products has been associated with major international trade fairs and Formland in Denmark.

This tradition is now being challenged with a completely new concept from nSales, which enables customers to explore and shop in a digital 3D universe directly from their PC or tablet.

The groundbreaking thing about this technology is that in addition to walking around a three-dimensional world, you can also click on the products, see prices, stock, etc. At the same time you can with a few clicks add the products directly to an order and thereby quickly and easily place an order.

The solution was developed by nSales using a special 360 degree camera and a 3D technology known from the real estate industry.

At GreenGate, we have been working on a digital upgrade for the past few years.
It is clear that in this context we think a lot about how we can and must sell in the future, and here the current trade fair concept is something that is exciting to challenge a little bit. One is that it is expensive and resource demanding to participate, not only for us but also for our customers. Another is that the customer base is getting smaller and smaller as more and more retail stores close, partly due to the competition from online shopping. We have therefore been looking for a solution on how we could reach the many customers who, for one reason or another, disselect the trade fairs.

In that context, we chose to play ball with nSales. They have been a reliable supplier for many years with their well-known app for our sales reps. Lasse from nSales was quick to see the potential in a virtual showroom with integrated product ordering.

The result was that we at GreenGate now can invite both new and old customers on a tour of our showroom, or that our sales reps can take a virtual shopping trip with them. It is a fast, easy and efficient solution that 100% supports our business model and concept. We expect a lot from it in the future, and have already received very good feedback from customers.

Flemming Nordstrand

Export Director, Partner
GreenGate A/S

Our exciting cases

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B2B, B2A & PIM

Soyaconcept has chosen One Platform for their digital presence. This means that sales reps and customers are constantly updated with the latest products, inventories and prices.

B2B, B2A & PIM

All sales reps use the iPad app to record orders.
Customers easily order products and merchandise material from the B2B shop.
All content is synchronized with NAV via web services.

B2B & B2A
Done by Deer

One Platform allows Done by Deer to exchange data between C5 and nSales.
In this way, both sales reps, agents and the B2B shop have access to the same data and images.

Shopify & PIM
Dea Kudibal

Integrating inventory, pricing and order packing with Shopify was a major challenge.
Data is now exchanged between all shops six times an hour.
The PIM module provides updated product images.

Broste CPH

Broste CPH is a leading player in the home and gift industry.
With our virtual showroom, customers and agents are able to visit their large showroom and order products directly from it.

B2B & B2A

Bisgaard shoes are in a rapid development. After an upgrade of NAV, they chose the nSales One Platform.
Product matrix with inventory and reservations is used.

B2B & Shopify
Sv. Michelsen

Sv. Michelsen Chocolate is handmade chocolate from the best ingredients since 1933.
Now they are upgrading digitally and investing in nSales' B2B platform as well as an integration of NAV with their new Shopify webshop.

B2A & BI
Eva Solo

To optimize sales and to support agents in many countries, Eva Solo uses nVision Mobile on iPads.
It gives sales reps insight into campaigns, sales figures and the ability to place orders.

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