Answer. Michelsen

A sweet story

The story of Svend Michelsen Chocolate began in 1931 when Svend Erik Michelsen graduated as a confectioner and received the highest distinction (Silver). Svend Michelsen then founded his business in 1933 in a small pastry shop in Østerbro.

Svend Michelsen quickly became a leading chocolatier, and received awards such as Order of Saint Honoré of the Pastry Guild for an active, creative contribution to the pastry profession and its reputation.

After Svend Michelsen has 2. and today The 3rd generation of the family has continued and developed the proud craft with deep commitment, and we still produce all our chocolate today at our chocolate factory in Copenhagen.

Royal Court Supplier Svend Michelsen Chocolate has received many honors over the years.
One of the things we are most proud of is that the company has the label "Supplier to the Royal Danish Court".

Chocolate and digital platform

How tradition goes hand in hand with innovation

Answer. Michelsen was looking for a supplier that could gather as many functions in a NAV integration as possible.

With One Platform, it was possible to synchronize both B2B and B2C data through the same Navision integration. The benefits of automated integration are huge and the path to growth is clear.