Eva Solo

With digital visions, Eva Solo secures future generations.

Eva Solo A/S was founded over a hundred years ago. Today, the company is managed and owned by Jan Engelbrecht, the fourth generation after the founder. Jan’s mother’s name is Eva, and Eva’s father, and therefore Jan’s grandfather, is one of our three former directors. Eva is the one who put her name to the company.

About Eva Solo:
Our distinctive designs have in many ways been synonymous with the evolution of the modern home. Our starting point was high-quality, functional kitchen tools for the stay-at-home mom - our bread and cold cuts machine from 1952 is a good example of this.
With the advent of busy women working outside the home, we developed tools that made working in the kitchen easier. In the 1970s, with the advent of open kitchens, we were the first with kitchen equipment that was nice enough to show off.

Today, in line with our history, we are characterized by high-quality, functional design. We have grown into a modern, innovative and international design house with around 60 employees.

Our head office is located in Måløv, Denmark, but our products are sold all over the world.
We never stand still. Despite being a 4th generation family business, every day we are on the trail of the next evolution and a new generation of Eva Solo products.

One Platform across platforms

A story of integration between One Platform and D365 FO

When Eva Solo was facing an upgrade of their financial system, they chose Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For many years, nSales had delivered a sales solution in the form of an app.
The task was to create an up-to-date B2B channel while keeping the salespeople’s favorite tool.

That’s why Eva Solo, in consultation with us, chose One Platform, which in addition to integration with Dynamics 365 also has several digital channels.

The result was a solution where both sellers could keep their app solution, while the new B2B shop gives customers the opportunity to supplement and inspire themselves