Getting started with your nVision Mobile app

Below you will find a guide that will help you through the setup process.

How to install and setup your nVision Mobile app

1. Get the app

Visit Apple App Store and download the nVision Mobile 4 app  

If you are an Enterprise associated user please follow the link sent to you and click here for instructions to allow the app on your device.

2. Login

Open the app, choose Register Device and login with the credentials that you’ve received by mail  

Press Next

3. Select Account

Tap on your Account name to select it  

Press Next

4. Initialize

nVision Mobile will now fetch all the data from your account  

This process may take a while.

5. Authorize Dropbox

nVision Mobile will now ask for Dropbox Authorization. Press OK and a new window will open.

If the Authorization window does not show, please go to Settings → Account and press ‘Relink Dropbox’  

6. Connect Bluetooth Scanner

Firstly you need to make sure that the scanner is not paired with the scanner by going to your bluetooth settings

see if you can find the connected scanner on the list. Disconnect it, and click on the ‘i’ and “Forget this Device”

When that is done, go to this link and follow steps 1-4 in setting up your scanner to IOS mode and reconnecting the scanner.

Still need help? We’re here for you!

Contact our support team at: +45 70 237 239 or email us below: