F&H of Scandinavia

From printed matters to a safe sale

The F&H Group is Scandinavia’s largest wholesaler of home and giftware. Every day they update their total inventory with new products. A new variant, a new collection, a new design. In total, it gives over eight thousand different item numbers that the sales reps need to be updated with.

How would you communicate this information to the sales reps so they can include new products in their presentations?

For some companies, this part means a heavy administrative work, but the answer is easy for the employees of F&H. Since 2012, they have had nVision Mobile from nSales. This means that they have a visual platform that gathers all products from day to day.
“It makes a huge difference for our salespeople”. “They cannot do without the system at all, and if it does not work a rare time, there is an outcry”.

“It has become their most important sales tool”

Previously we drove around with catalogues and hand terminals.

“The sellers should carry around heavy catalogues which they then browse through with the customer. It is now reduced to a minimum of catalogues as we can instead display collections and products via the iPad. It has also provided good savings on our printed matter, ”says Morten with a smile.

F&H uses nVision Mobile in their sales, giving them a virtual showroom where they can categorize and display their products.

The platform is updated every day without exception, so the sales reps can always see and be updated on the latest products.

All in one sales tool

“If customers instead call for a quote, the sales reps simply use their iPad to find the product and send an offer directly via nVision Mobile. If we create a new product today, it will be on the iPad for the sales reps to see right away because the new products are always at the top”.

F&H has been a customer of nSales since 2012 and is first to integrate SalesPlanner. A new product from nSales that provides a perfect visual overview of customers and meetings.

“I am sitting right now and testing the last details before we go live. I am looking forward to introducing it to the sales reps, because I just know that they will be wildly excited”.

Morten G. Hansen
B2C Manager

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