Hummel testimonial: Øget salg

Increased sales and customer satisfaction

We use the nVision Mobile app to collect our pre-orders.

Earlier we used to rely on Excel sheets, and we can feel that there is an incredible difference.

We are saving an enormous amount of time in the sales department where we used to manually input every order.

The Sales Reps can input the orders directly and the time saved is now spent on new accounts and better customer care.
– That’s a major advantage!

With the integrated PDF catalogues the Sales Reps can click and add a style.
It’s EASY and FAST. The customers receive an order copy with product images, and they can validate the order themself within minutes.

The tools are super easy to use, and we managed the transition with very little efforts.
In fact several Reps can use the iPad app after following a simple SOP.
That tells us that the app is user-friendly and simple to use. Today our Reps couldn’t imagine selling without the nSales tools.

Anne Bille Haugstrup
Team Leader Scandinavian Sales Group Kids Team

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