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At nSales we have 13+ years of experience in servicing the Home & Gift wholesale industry with our unique sales order software for iPad.

Increase your sales by providing your sales reps with all the information they need to present products, capture orders fast and sell more efficiently, whether on the road or at a trade show.

Our sales tools have been perfected and customized to cater for your needs.
The simple design of our sales application means that you can start selling in minutes.



Importer dine eksisterende PDF-kataloger til vores app

Induce your catalogues

With our iPad sales application you can import your existing PDF catalogues.

Don’t just rely on traditional product listings.
With our PDF engine, you can import your catalogues, campaigns and line sheets into the sales app.
When facing the customer, you can swipe through your catalogue and order by simply clicking the images.
Stock levels and pricing is updated automatically in the background.

Customized app?

We can tailor your sales app to your needs

With years of experience we can fit your custom needs into the application.
Have your brand displayed on the app icon, splash screen and inside the app.

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Weekly stats

How is your sales team performing?

Receive weekly emails with up to date statistics on how your sales team is performing.

Combine our great tools

Bridge the gap between customer visits by allowing your customers to place their orders online.
Our clients have increased their sales by up to 17% by adding our eCommerce portal.

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