Connect your
core systems
to nSales

We make integration simple

Turnkey Integrations.
We integrate seamlessly to your back-end systems.

We support XLS, CSV, XML files.

Examples of partners we work with:

Visma integration
Sage integration
e-conomic integration
QuickBooks integration

CSV / Excel Integration

Import and export your data easily with our file wizards

insert_drive_file insert_drive_file insert_drive_file insert_drive_file 

CSV / Excel

With Excel or CSV files you can either manually upload data and download orders, or set up a schedule that syncs with Dropbox or FTP.
The file integration is less advanced compared to our turnkey integrations, but simple to start up with.

Custom implementation

We understand the needs for custom integrations

Let us do the heavy lifting

If you are running a customized system or have special needs don’t hesitate to connect with us.
We have years of experience connecting and managing data between wide ranges of systems.
Contact us today to learn more.

xml text integration