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Built for the jewelry & accessory industry

Maximize your sales with our shortcuts.

When you are in the jewelry, watches and accessories industry is all about presenting and showcasing your products.
With nSales’ sales order app for iPad you can bring your entire collection and display it in full screen.
This is a great way to cut down on the high value collections your sales reps use to carry.



Sælg varer i mange forskellige størrelser og farver med nVision Mobile


Manage ring sizes easily

With the collection manager you can sell a SKU in multiple sizes and colors.
Each size or color has stock level, price and delivery date.

Sign the order

Let your customer sign on the iPad

Sign the order on the iPad, before you finalize the order.
Customers receive an order confirmation in a PDF format with the signature embedded.

Kunden kan godkende ordren på iPad’en

B2B or B2C e-commerce?

Open your business for orders 24/7.

Looking for a solution to increase your overall sales?
An eCommerce solutions from nSales gives you a virtual showroom where your customers can browse your products and place orders from you 24/7.