Over the past year, we have seen a clear trend in LIVE Shopping streaming.

Many shops have begun to broadcast live to have a personal contact with their customers.
A clothing store can easily sell for over DKK 100,000 on a single Live Shopping session via Facebook per week.

This personal approach is sure to “rub off” on the way B2B sales happen in the future. And fortunately, we are already ready to help you to take the first steps towards Live Shopping streaming.

Live Shopping provides opportunities, interaction, commitment and massive value for customers.

There is already evidence that the market is growing, so stay ahead of the trend now!


LIVE Shopping

nSales live streams are the perfect way to increase your sales while interacting with your customers locally and directly.

Live Shopping is a powerful supplement to the existing physical (and digital) sales including customer events and product launches.

Live Shopping is present and personally. You can easily talk about product features, quality, sizes, colors etc. with your distributors and your dealers have the opportunity to interact with you directly.

Personal digital sales are here to stay. It creates both strong customer relationships and proud employees.

woman live shopping
nSales.Live Live Shopping


- easy upsell for you

  • Create a campaign

    In the campaign, you select the items to be displayed during your Live Shopping event. You can easily add inventory and promotional prices in multiple currencies.

  • Send LIVE with your iPhone

    The nSales.live app connects your phone's camera and microphone to our live streaming platform. It's quick and easy to get professional results.

  • Invite your customers

    All your Live Shopping events are held on a closed platform, where your customers will be sent a six-digit code in advance.


nSales.live Live Shopping
  • Download the nSales.live app

    In the App Store you will find our free nSales.live app that you need to stream your Live Shopping event with.

  • Connect in seconds

    In the nSales.live app, you scan the QR code you find in our backend / web studio.

  • Countdown

    When your Live Shopping event starts, your iPhone will automatically send live video. It's that easy.

Get started now

Catch the wave of this new digital Live opportunity.

Contact us today and we will help you get started with sending LIVE to your retailers.

Are you ready to go live in:

  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds


DKK 450/month
  • Unlimited calls
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support

* Price per Live / streamed min. regardless of the number of viewers DKK 6.00


  • Unlimited calls
  • One to One Streaming
  • Free hosting
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • 24/7 support
  • Integration with ERP
  • Customized layout
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