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More time and less mistakes that is nSales to us!

Every Sales Rep uses the software from nSales to place orders from their iPads.

With a minimum of customization the app suits us perfectly. The app is SIMPLE and EASY to use, and best of all it saves us time compared to our previous solution.

We used to have four people processing ingoing orders from our Reps, almost full time. As we implemented lean in our organization, this was a task we wanted to remove.

We are very focused on lean and efficiency and with the tools from nSales our back office can focus on other value-added areas.

The software from nSales has provided our reps with customer insights that make them better equipped to maintain vital customer relations. When a Rep meets with a customer he can complete an order on the iPad directly, that gives a better ownership of the customer.

Everything is a process when you change the daily routines but all reps can feel how the nSales tools make great sense. I will not hesitate to recommend it to other companies that are looking for more streamlined flows and simplified processes.

We are very satisfied with the nSales software and have just partnered with nSales for our B2B eCommerce.

Ann-Sofie Rex
IT & Ecommerce Manager

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