Getting started with your nVision Mobile app

Below you will find a guide that will help you through the setup process.

Getting started

How to install and setup your nVision Mobile app

1. Get the app

Visit Apple App Store and download the nVision Mobile 4 app  

If you are an Enterprise associated user please follow the link sent to you and click here for instructions to allow the app on your device.

2. Login

Open the app, choose Register Device and login with the credentials that you’ve received by mail  

Press Next

3. Select Account

Tap on your Account name to select it  

Press Next

4. Initialize

nVision Mobile will now fetch all the data from your account  

This process may take a while.

5. Authorize Dropbox

nVision Mobile will now ask for Dropbox Authorization. Press OK and a new window will open.

If the Authorization window does not show, please go to Settings → Account and press ‘Relink Dropbox’  

6. Connect Bluetooth Scanner

Firstly you need to make sure that the scanner is not paired with the scanner by going to your bluetooth settings

see if you can find the connected scanner on the list. Disconnect it, and click on the ‘i’ and “Forget this Device”

When that is done, go to this link and follow steps 1-4 in setting up your scanner to IOS mode and reconnecting the scanner.

PDFLIbrary and Imagehost

Using nSales Image Hosting for hosting images

  • Access the server by FTP
  • Upload only 1 image and name it by the item number
    • example: 1234556.jpg or 1234556-2.jpg for multiple photos of the same product!
  • The Image host will scale the images automatically to fit everywhere in the app!
  • Images will be scaled automatically; minimum resolution should be 1024×768

Create orders directly from your PDF catalogues

Using Dropbox for hosting PDF catalogues
    • In the root folder of your Dropbox account, create a folder called: PDFLibrary
    • All catalogues stored in the root of the PDFLibrary folder will be accessible from inside nVision Mobile both online and offline!
    • In the PDF files, you can define a web area using Adobe Acrobat or InDesign. For each area, you can define a link:


    • Guide to create web area/links:


You can download our setup guide below to see further examples of setting up your PDF Catalog:


Choose which order confirmation you want

Get your own company logo on the order confirmation too!

To customize your order confirmation, please contact us.


Modules available for your solution

notice that the following modules is not in the standard solution and will require additional configurations


  • ItemVariant Module
    • Use our variant Matrix to display all your styles 
  •  SalesPlanner Module
    • Get a visual presentation of your customers status with our SalesPlanner! 
  • Lead Module
    • Create leads on the go and add their Visitcards too! 
  • Campaign Module
    • Create custom campaigns for specific or all customers 
  • CustomerAddress Module
    • Access all invoice and delivery addresses for your customer
    • choose a different address while on the go 
  • MultiOrder Module
    • Create multiple orders for multiple customers at the same time! 
  • Customer CRM Module
    • unique CRM for each costumer with Customer Visits integrated 
  • Business Intelligence Module
    • Have a unique dashboard for customers/products/orders or user 
  • Document Module
    • Use our document module to have unique documents to every customer or have all your internal documentation right in the app 
  • Survey Module
    • Create your very own and unique Surveys 
    • Access them directly in the app and fill them with the customer on the go 
  • Comission Module
    • Setup unique comissions for each manufacturer 
nVision Mobile

How to use your nVision Mobile

  • Order Module
    • Access your detailed order information here on both new open orders aswell as sent orders 
    • See open/sent orders  
    • Duplicate orders 
    • Set discount in percentage or amount 
    • Add products to the order quickly 
    • Add products using our more detailed product view 
    • Add products from your own product catalogue 
    • add your notes and the customer signature 
  • Product Module
    • Access all your products directly in the app and see:
    • Sort your products with images 
    • detailed product related information 
    • high resolution images 
    • Detailed pricing 
  • Customer Module
    • Access all your customers directly in the app 
    • Detailed information for each customer 
    • previously sent orders for the specific customer 
    • Images directly linked to your customer by using your own dropbox!
  • PDF Library Module
    • Connect your own dropbox and access all your internal documentation 
  • Calendar Module
    • get access to all your calendar appointments directly in the app 

For other available Modules check out the Modules fan!


Access your data and information directly from nVision Office

  • Access the backend at
  • Login with your credentials that you’ve received by mail  
  • See the dashboard for your teams’ effort during the week 
  • Access a detailed view of your Orders 
  • Access a detailed view of your Customers 
  • Access a detailed view of your Products 
Create and control your own users and create them on the go!
  1. Go to Users in the Administrator tab  
  2. Click Create
  3. Enter your users Name and Email
  4. Enter your users Sales code from your accounting system in their Initials  
  5. Set the Role and Password for your user
  6. Click Save!
Manage your Webshop directly from nVision Office

Webshop Users

  • Create new webshop Users 
  • Manage exisiting webshop Users 

Webshop Pages

  • Get an overview of all your textpages 
  • Edit them directly and with preview options 

Webshop Modules

  • Use the Presentation module to edit your frontpage
    • Add content to your imageslider 
    • Add content to interactive thumbnails 
  • Use the Shipping module to make a custom pricing for your shipping fees 
    • add specifik intervals depending on weight or price 
  • use the Voucher module to add custom vouchers for all or specific customers 

Testing in nVision Mobile

  • To test and access dev data in the nVision Mobile app, tap the marked area during a new installation of the app 
  • Login with your regular credentials, and change the URL as shown 
  • You can now connect to your app using dev/test data to test ongoing features!

Testing in nVision Office

  • To test and access dev data in the nVision Office backend, access the URL here 
  • Login with your regular credentials, and gain access to your account using dev/test data!
  • You can now access your account using dev/test data to test ongoing features!

Still need help? We’re here for you!

Contact our support team at: +45 70 237 239 or email us below: